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Committed in spreading the Knowledge and support to the community
Adult Education

TISONA holds online education programs on various Islamic topics. The programs are developed to assist the different categories of Muslims.


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Essential education

We have set aside a tailor-made curriculum to help Muslims be able to learn the essentials of Islam. This category seeks to ensure that Muslims have the basics of islamic Knowledge.

Da'wah Activities

TISONA is involved in Da'wah activities in Africa which involves tours and trips to Villages and academic institutions. Through these activities we have been able to discover most of the need Muslims face and have helped us design programs to try to solve such issues.

Hajj and Umrah

We organise Hajj and Umrah programs for our members and Muslims who wish to enrol in the programs. This is a s a result of realising the struggles majority of Muslims go through during trying to fulfil this fifth pillar of Islam. On board we have scholars who help guide the pilgrims throughout the program.

Zakat Collection

We have designed a system to collect zakat both Zakatul Fits and Zakatul Maal. We have a team of scholars that are ready to assist members in calculation and distribution of their zakat to the needy. All this is done in compliance the Islamic teachings. We also receive Sadaqah and donations in various other forms that help us support our programs.

Community Outreach

Over the years we have managed to carry out special outreach programs especially during the Holy month of Ramadan and during Hajj programs where we support communities with the help of our members' support. Most of our beneficiaries are Orphans and the needy from those communities. Areas we have seen dire need include Madrasa support, Mosques prayer matts and Madrassa teachers' economic empowerment.


TISONA has a mission to help uplift communities out of poverty through long-term sustainable solutions. Some of the accepted awqaf donations include but not limited to Cash, Appreciated securities, Retirement plan assets, Life insurance, Real Estate and Tangible personal property

Borehole Drilling

We strive to provide water to communities that need it and have difficulty accessing. We have successfully drilled boreholes that have benefited over 3000 household per village in East Africa. We work with locals to ensure the programs are owned and taken care of by the community beneficiaries.

Sustainable Economic empowerment

Through this programs, we seek to provide empowerment programs to the grassroots that will benefit Madrassa teachers, the youth, single mothers and orphans. This is done by provision of training programs that provides various skills for self employment.

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