About Tisona

The Islamic Society of North America (TISONA) was founded in Ramadan 2020 with an aim of uniting muslims in North America for the sake of learning Islamic Knowledge.  Having noticed the gap in lack of knowledge especially among the area resident. As an organisation, TISONA has managed to reach out to at least 600 families through the online education programs. The knowledge is spread via digital platforms. As a result, we have an online madrassa with 60 students. We aim to unite and spread the Islamic knowledge to more muslim families in North America.
Board Of Scholars
Our scholar whose knowledge is useful for others

Sheikh Izudin Alwy Ahmed

Islamic Scholar

Sayyid Jaafar Saggaf

Islamic Scholar

Shk. Ismail Yusuf

Islamic Scholar

Shk. Mbarak A. Awes

Scholar Islamic Shariah

A Well-planned, Intentional Strategy for Your Giving Can Make All the Difference.
Do you know what's happening upstairs? This is all a result of your former partner. Do you understand now? Do you see why this can't continue? There will be an appropriate response.
-- Bukhari and Muslim
Our Core Values
Quran – The Book

As an Islamic institution, we are guided by the teachings in the Holy Qur’an and strive to teach it.

Islamic Knowledge

Our programs promote education to from the basics of Islam to the specifics in the tenets of Faith.

Muslim Community

We serve the community through the programs we run at various levels. We provide a platform for community engagement  and support.

Help The Poor

We run programs that aims to uplift livelihoods of the needy in the communities. Charity is one of aour primary objectives

The Spirituality

A continued participation in support to our programs paves a way to enrich your spirituality.

Economic Empowerment

TISONA maintains a consistent support in provision of opportunities that seek to empower the less privileged in the community.

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